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How to fish shrimp for beginners

2018-02-17 14:24:00

As a very interesting leisure activity, shrimp fishing does not require too much technology, nor does it consume too much physical strength, can be said to be suitable for both young and old. Then for those who have not been involved in this activity, shrimp fishing may be a little unclear, here is a rough introduction.


Shrimp rod


Shrimp hook


Shrimp bait


Choice of fishing position. Is to have shrimp, you have to be able to catch, it is not possible to fill the pond without a few shrimp, there are fishing grounds, there are rural wild ponds, have ownership of the pond is best not to go. It should be a metre deep, not too deep. Fish at the edge of the pool, where there is plenty of oxygen. Because shrimp like to run, they will stay and wander when they encounter the wall of the pool, and there is enough oxygen, so shrimp like to stay. Shrimp like to flock, so if you hit a spot, stick with it. Until ten or twenty minutes there is no movement, then shift positions. Some shrimp farms charge more by the hour, from 1 hour to 10 hours, by the customer's choice, the longer the time, the cheaper the relative, one time can not be used up, the rest of the time can be used again.


Fishing tackle. First, the shrimp rod. There are long and short, the longest is 3 meters, the shortest is only 1 meter. There are soft and hard, soft advantage is good elasticity, after the shrimp can effectively buffer the impulse of shrimp. The advantage of hard is that the shrimp is powerful, and the shrimp is fast. Shrimp hook suggested to buy a better quality back to tie themselves. When tying, add a small piece of plastic to the tail of the hook, which can prevent the line from knotting, and ensure that the shrimp hook stands vertically, increasing the chance of catching shrimp. Shrimp hooks are large and small, and the choice of the size of the hook is directly related to the angler's technique. Some anglers like to hang, vigorously lift the hook, commonly known as shrimp, so choose big hook can increase the hit rate, especially suitable for fishing big male shrimp. Some anglers like to sit and wait for the shrimp to eat the hook, so the small hook is more suitable.


Bait. Shrimp is not picky, earthworms, shrimp skin, chicken or fish meat and offal can be, some people use meat mixed with shrimp powder. The effect of all kinds of bait is actually similar, mainly depending on whether the operation is convenient. No matter what kind of bait is used, it should be small and not large, and it is enough to hang on the tip of the hook. When hanging the bait, the hook tip should be exposed a little, so that the shrimp will eat the hook tip first when eating the bait. Shrimp can not open its mouth like fish, and the bait is too big for it to eat.


Shrimp news. After the good rod, wait for the shrimp to bite the hook signal, that is, the shrimp signal. Fishing shrimp needs to take the initiative to attack, using the fishing rod to slowly pull the float, driving the bottom of the bait to search for prey. The specific technique is to move the pole head very gently to stretch the float away a few inches with the line, and then swing the pole head back to relax the line and make the float return, and then pull it again to return. Always pay attention to observe the float, a slight change, such as jumping, stagnation, crooked, etc., do not pull, wait and see. Because the water in the shrimp pond is circulating, the current can be used to drive the fishing hook to search back and forth until it meets the shrimp. Shrimp eat bait very carefully, especially the prawns, first with the chelates slowly turn the bait, and then slowly pull back, you will see a slight ring around the perimeter.


Lift the pole. The timing and method of raising the pole are directly related to success or failure. When the shrimp bite the hook, do not rush to grab the rod. The correct way is to gently lift the fishing rod first, straighten the line upward, gently swing the fishing rod, the fishing line always points to a fixed position and does not look up, at this time should be decisive. According to the hook you use, the rod lifting technique is also different, if you use a big hook, with a quick shake up the wrist, if it is a small hook, the wrist swing amplitude is halved. No matter the size of the hook, the action should be fast and not large, and the hook tip should be driven by the inch to sting the prey instantly. Once the shrimp is hooked, it struggles. The struggles of large and small shrimp are very different. The shrimp struggled hard at first, but soon lost its strength. Prawns on the hook, often do not begin to struggle, but there is a heavy feeling. When the shrimp is near the water, do not panic, erect the pole as far as possible, and use the elastic tip to cushion the momentum of the shrimp. No matter how big the shrimp, its endurance is limited, a little contest, will surrender. However, if you catch a large shrimp, it is best not to pull it directly out of the water, slowly pull it to the shore, and directly catch it by hand.


Money saving tips. Shrimp fishing is expensive, according to the market, an hour at least 10 yuan. It's expensive, but it's not cheap. Tuition fees to pay, but also can not be a sucker, this is the concept of ordinary people, the local rich is a different matter.

Matters needing attention

Be safe when fishing for shrimp at the water's edge.