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How to gain fat without gaining weight in winter?

2018-02-22 16:00:00

They say lose weight in summer, gain weight in winter. But we do not know that winter is actually the best season to gain fat, but do not know the knowledge, it is indeed a good time to gain weight. This is not a tip on how to gain weight, but how to increase the amount of fat you need.


How to increase fat in winter


The true beauty has always been not blindly thin, or blindly fat. All are fat and thin evenly, even if the Tang Dynasty is fat for the United States, it is not to say that obesity is beautiful, but fat just right. There's one word for it. It's called. Winter is known as the best time to gain weight, but if you want to gain fat but don't want to gain weight, you have to know this knowledge.


Make healthy eating choices. Try to eat fried, fried, salty and other food, eat more light, less salt, less seasoning food. Snack more plain food and eat as little as possible, drink more water, drink less drinks. Eat more grains, fruits. Eat less pork, you can change pork into mutton, because mutton has a higher fat content, and eat more in winter, you can also make up the body and eat more fish. Be sure to eat well in the morning, be sure to eat full lunch, dinner can not eat, or eat less. The best time for dinner is 17:0-18:00.


Be sure to do more exercise, at least 40 minutes of exercise a day, it can be aerobics, it can be yoga, playing ball, running, swimming, climbing, not any sports. Each session must be 40 minutes or more. That's how it works. Because all the fat burning starts after 40 minutes. Without enough exercise, you simply can't achieve the desired effect.


It's all about how you move. Generally, weight gain occurs in a few places, one is the chest, waist, abdomen, thighs, arms, hips, back. Start doing aerobics one hour after dinner every day for 40 minutes. If you feel that you have eaten more recently, you can insist on running for 2-3 days a week, and each time is 40 minutes or more. It's a midriff workout or 60 sit-ups a day. Thighs, arms and back can do ball exercises. Search the Internet for these fucks and follow them. Or buy them and watch them at home. I have to say that playing badminton, tennis and swimming are very effective for slimming down. If you don't want to get fat, you have to stop getting fat. If you don't get fat, you have to exercise and eat accordingly. Then choose the body shaping for a certain position, shaping exercises. Stick to it. Winter will not only not gain weight but will make yourself more. Persistence is victory. Be sure to persist. Believe that in the coming summer, when you put on summer clothes, the beauty of the line will surprise you.

Matters needing attention

Don't overeat


Exercise more, sweat more