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How to get around Aden

2018-04-30 19:12:00

The magical nature has created beautiful mountains and rivers -- (King) Mountain, Yading Sanku main holy Mountain and so on the foot of the snow mountains, lakes, glaciers, grasslands, rivers, forests on the plateau together to create a yearning: overseas fairy mountains, fairyland...... Zhu Rongji spoke to Joseph half a century ago. Locke's travels to Tibet, published in National Geographic Magazine, brought this last Shambhala-Aden before the world for the first time. James, British writer. Hilton is on this basis to create the immortal masterpiece "Lost Horizon", described to the world this mysterious pure land - Aden


Aden main attractions: play attractions in turn, due to the relatively large, so give you a list of scenic spots Haizi Mountain - rush temple - Jie Temple - red grass - Bang River twilight - ten thousand acres of green Yang forest - Rubuchaka


Aden itinerary: The first day: the bus from Zhongdian and arrives every afternoon, and stays overnight on the same day. The next day: in the morning to take Haizishan Xingyicuo, the trip is about 70KM, one way time 1 hour, can only arrive by chartered car, the price is about 200. On the return trip, you can walk the rush Temple, the Jie Temple to see, and you can also see the Red grass after late September. Return in the afternoon, can rest a trip to go bang river to see ten thousand acres of green poplar forest. Stay overnight.


1, Haizi Mountain Haizi Mountain average elevation 4500 meters, the highest peak Guoyinri is 5020 meters above sea level, a total of 1145 sizes of Haizi. Its scale density is unique in China, so the name Haizishan. Haizi Mountain lies between the two counties. It is located in the north, with a total area of 3287 square kilometers and an average altitude of 4300-4700 meters. This plateau is the largest ancient ice body remains in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, that is, the "ancient ice cap". In the mountains with an average altitude of 4,500 meters, 1,145 large and small sea stones twinkle in the mountains like a thousand diamonds accidentally scattered by God, and its scale density is the most in China. For Haizi Mountain, the reaction of tourists is often different, some people like its "wild", get off the car will not give up to leave, and some people hate its "desolate" in a hurry to flee. Not so good, Haizi Mountain has a unique charm different from the scenic area years, worth every passing tourist stop to taste. Built this temple to expand its influence. He lectured and made his own Buddha statue for the world to worship, which has been preserved in this temple to this day. For our county cultural relics and monuments. There is no living Buddha reincarnation system in this temple. The temple was presided by Haben for three years, and the temple promoted the agricultural Zen. Equal importance, monks to participate in farming and animal husbandry labor, Buddhist activities, according to the busy situation of farming, Buddhist activities will be changed. Ji Jie Temple: Located in Sangdui Township, 20 kilometers away from the county seat, the temple was founded in 1144, the founder of Pamu Zhu Ba. There is a statue made by Pamuzhu Pa himself in the temple, and there are imprints left by Pamuzhu Pa in the temple. The Buddhist activities are the same as the teachings and regulations of the Zhujie Temple and the Rushing Temple. But it is worth introducing: the temple monks and nature live together in harmony with the special landscape, that is, groups of horse chickens can be seen everywhere, like domestic, visitors can hold highland barley let horse chickens happy in your hand to peck; The best evidence of harmony between humans and animals. As for the largest temple - Xiongden Temple, after this year's renovation, actually installed aluminum alloy stair railings have completely lost the original flavor, so I will not talk about. 3, the red grass is located in the province, state and county, looking far away, a red landscape greeted my eyes, so warm, so gorgeous, and so intoxicating. Under the backdrop of yellow or green poplar trees, it is bright and charming. Myopic, "mountain green heart burning, mangroves drunk autumn color", we roam in the road side of the small village, "red grass" in the sun playing intoxicating red melody, really want to apply the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu's famous sentence, but also shouted a "stop and sit love red grass, frost leaves red grass October flowers". Mid-october is the most beautiful time for Red Meadows, and if you're lucky, you can take pictures of several colors! 4, Bang River twilight, ten thousand acres of poplar forest Qingyang forest after May a green sea, after late September or yellow or red, a gorgeous, especially the weather is good at dusk, twilight Bang River scenery is unusually beautiful. 5, Zhubuchaka mountain between the town, according to about 2.5KM, each family in the village is independent business, to use a common saying can be summarized: is natural, the condition is simple. Does not belong to the open air, is a room, a bath, bath for two people to bathe together, 10 yuan/person.


Aden itinerary: The first day: Aden long - Tongba - Chonggu Temple - Zhen morning departure to Aden, travel 110KM, carpool price at 50 yuan per person, charter price at 300 (van). Suvs are sometimes the same price, but hard to find, depending on luck. The trip time is about 3 hours, at noon to Aden, to determine the accommodation can live in Aden village or Longtongba, Aden village has a wide view, open the window to see the holy mountain, the conditions are better, but to the scenic spot also have to walk nearly 1 point; Relatively speaking, Longtongba, the accommodation is slightly worse, but just at the entrance of the scenic spot, the two places accommodation and catering are similar. In the afternoon, take Longtongba - Chonggu Temple - Jane close view of Xian is the positive day, you can return to the night Longtongba or Aden village, you can also secretly live there Chonggu Temple fellow home, the scenic area is not allowed to put up tents. Zhongdian and the shuttle bus is every afternoon to arrive the next day: Chonggu Temple - Chonggu Caochang - 8KM - Nuorong cattle farm - 3KM - Milk sea - Five color sea walk Chonggu Temple - Chonggu Caochang - 8KM - Nuorong cattle farm - 3KM - milk sea - Five color sea, the whole walk back and forward at about 12 o 'clock, which is the beautiful place in Nuorong cattle farm, milk sea, five color sea. Norong cattle farm - 3KM - Milk Sea all the way up the mountain, the drop is about 500 meters, the road is a little difficult to walk. Tourists are basically looking at some places, there are Blue Moon Valley, Cass Hell Valley, Gold and silver Frog Sea, these tourists are not easy to reach the place scenery is very beautiful, but only on foot, you have to pay a certain amount to see. On the return trip, you can walk the rush Temple, the Jie Temple to see, and you can also see the Red grass after late September. Return in the afternoon, can rest a trip to go bang river to see ten thousand acres of green poplar forest. Stay overnight.


Aden scenic area consumption Mandatory consumption: Ticket: 150 yuan per person Non-mandatory consumption: Longtongba - Chonggu Temple riding: up the mountain 50 per person, down the mountain 40 Chonggu Meadow - Norong cattle farm sightseeing car: one-way ticket 50 yuan per person, return ticket 80 yuan per person. Norong Cattle Farm - Milk Sea horse riding: 300 yuan round trip per person