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How to get treasure shells from Pokemon Adventure

2018-04-01 20:48:06

The following is a small series to bring you the method of how to get the operation of the treasure hunt shell, I hope to bring you some help, thank you for watching.


Drop, finish the main line to the back of the more than 30,000 battle force figure will drop, it is accurate to say that after 12-1 there are three birds, beat off will drop two, synthetic do not know how much.


How to get treasure mystery shell: Complete the final level can be obtained, but the probability of obtaining is very low. This mysterious shell can recruit god beasts, 151 elves only 5 kinds of god beasts, respectively, frozen bird, flame bird, lightning bird, super dream and dream, these five god beasts are very rare.


Xiaobian think you can save a little more, because the average player must have flashing elves and flashing god beasts, after all, the chance of flashing elves is very low, so you can only brush it out.


And it does not exclude the elves who will come out of the region in the future, so we can brush more now, can brush the mysterious shell to keep, otherwise in the future, a new god beast, can not immediately brush out, and this mysterious shell is really a good thing ah.


For the cultivation of elves, please get the appropriate skill slot /bingo effect/Pforce stone slot combination PM through the gold pot, and then cook the low level PM wash skills through the iron pot, because the attribute value of the gold pot is much higher than the iron pot!


Xiaobian because the original very like the fire PM, all the fire skills are washed again, found that the fire skills are pits, barely can use is hot air/big word explosion, ghost fire high probability of burn is also good. Probably because all fire skills have a probability of burning, and the burn effect is very strong.

Matters needing attention

The above is the key to how to operate, if you feel that this experience is helpful to you, please give me a little support. You can also express your views below.


Personal opinion.


Play time should not be excessive, it will be harmful to health.