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How to have a quality sleep

2018-04-13 19:12:36

Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and people are under more and more pressure. Poor sleep quality is one of the biggest headaches of our time, and here are a few tips to help improve it.


First of all, we must have a good living habits and rest habits, go to bed at 10 PM, get up at 6:30 am, and have a stable sleep time is very key.


Keep a good mood, avoid big mood swings before going to bed, it is best to listen to soothing music, avoid intense exercise.


Choose a comfortable bed, not too soft and hard, in addition to choose a suitable pillow, not too high or high, suitable for their own best.


Do not drink stimulating drinks or beverages, such as strong tea, coffee, red bull and carbonated beverages.


One hour before going to bed, you can drink 200ml of pure milk, pure milk will release a substance that helps sleep after an hour.


Do not drink alcohol and drink a lot of water, half an hour before going to bed can moderate exercise, remember not to exercise too much.

Matters needing attention

Keep a good mood


Do not drink strong tea, coffee and other beverages