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How to help studio sales staff receive orders experience

2018-05-15 03:12:50

1, full of enthusiasm for store work, which should be the most important trait of a successful store staff. Even if you are in a bad mood because of other events or situations, you should show a smile, enthusiasm and ease of communication every time you interact with customers. We are willing to make people who come to the studio to consult benefit from your knowledge and advice. 2, seize every opportunity to attract your customers Sales location should not only be limited to the reception hall of the studio, sales opportunities will not only appear at work, should be in a broader time and space to engage in your work, meals, bars, clubs and other opportunities. 3, to do their own time of the master studio store staff bags should often carry, inside the business card, this publicity materials, booking sheets and other complete reception materials. More to do today's work today, try to make full use of the evening or lunch time to do some complementary sales work, and customer appointments must be on time. 4, the purpose of the studio store staff to let customers accept our services, the best means to achieve these is to make themselves become the consultant of customers. Therefore, you should strive to master the latest information and trends of the studio business, so that you can gradually become more professional in the business, and be more respected and trusted by customers. In this way, you will have more opportunities for success. 5, do not make empty promises, to sincerely listen to the voice of customers in do not understand the real ideas of customers and customers of our service doubts, must refrain from saying more, do not make any explanation and explanation. Should be patient and sincere to the customer to help guide the customer to express their requirements and wishes, and to express the customer's opinions sincerely listen to the desire and endless enthusiasm. 6, believe that there are always reasons for customers to be confident in our services, after understanding the needs or problems of customers, we should always stand in the position of customers to explain why our services are suitable for customers, and the assertions made should be consistent with the service situation. 7, become a real expert in the service of the studio in this way, the store staff can make appropriate answers to questions and disagreements, transfer different views and suspicions to the practical interests of the service to the customer, and successfully order. 8, don't rush the customer's order behavior Remember never try to complete the sale as soon as possible and urge the customer to make a decision. Once the customer is willing to sit down with you or is willing to consult you, it has shown that the customer is interested in your product or service, but from interest to behavior is a process, to give the customer enough time to think and choose, and in this period of time through their own professional and service efforts to promote the customer's order. 9, the greatest satisfaction of customers is more important than the sales contract to deeply understand that customer satisfaction is the greatest value of your shopping guide, not just simply let customers order. This will strengthen your image as a consultant representing the interests of your clients, ensure that you will gain credibility and reputation, and lead to larger and more opportunities for future orders, customers will come back to you later, or refer you to other clients or business. 10. Always be modest, cautious and studious. Store is a highly practical work, important experience from a large number of business activities, from countless times of communication with customers, so we should continue to be modest, sincere and studious attitude, steady your work style and improve, good at summing up the failure and success of each order.