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How to import electrical equipment components in batches with complete quotation software

2018-05-10 00:00:56

For the quotation of electrical sets, sometimes the components used in one equipment may be the same, how to call it directly in another project? The following explains the specific methods of importing electrical equipment components in batches with the complete set of quotation software:


Can bond package quotation software


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Secondly, after opening the project, in the component view, select the components that need to be processed, and the background color will change after selecting, as shown in the following figure


Again, right-click on the selected component and select Save as template in the pop-up interface, as shown in the figure


In the template name setting, you can set it according to the automatic code in the system, or you can name it according to your favorite or project, as shown below


Finally, it is how to call the above saved component template, right click the component template call in the inserted position, click Find, see the template library that needs to be called, double click, it will automatically call all the components in the template library.