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How to improve the work efficiency of screw conveyor?

2018-05-06 08:00:56

Only by improving the efficiency of the screw conveyor can we better complete our transportation goals.


Air suction and vents should be provided at the head and bottom to ensure that the conveyor trough of the screw conveyor will not overflow during the feeding process;


The screw conveyor should have reliable cold resistance. In this way, even in the cold winter, you can maintain enough work efficiency;


The placement of the screw conveyor should be noted that a certain distance should be reserved to ensure that there is a certain ventilation and maintenance space, which is conducive to our rapid solution to the problem and improve work efficiency;


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Screw conveyor workplace should be kept clean and clean, avoid wet leakage or leakage, reduce the bad degree of screw conveyor, so as to life, when in use, our conveying equipment will not always be bad, we can improve our work efficiency when working;


In the purchase of screw conveyor equipment must choose the regular home products, because the regular home products are guaranteed. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but. The overall performance is good in all aspects. In this way, we will save a lot of time in industrial production, which will improve the work efficiency of the screw conveyor.