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How to inquire the information of national centralized drug procurement?

2018-04-23 22:24:27

The national Central drug procurement database includes thousands of pieces of information from the 4+7 pilot to the current fourth batch of collection, the fifth batch is on the way, this database and the consistency evaluation database are interrelated, providing all the consistency evaluation information of the winning bid and purchased drugs.


Yaorong Cloud medical database system v3.0


Medical database system V3.0


Medical database system v3.0


Search method can be through the drug name, dosage form, specification, publication date of these dimensions, to retrieve the collection information, can be through the collection batch, supply area of these two dimensions, the search results for conditional screening, in addition to a single option search accident, can also be a combination of multiple options search.


Search results The search results cover the drug name, generic name, dosage form, specification, and several dimensions of data information. The data sources are all from authoritative institutions and officials, and the data results are of great value and reference significance. You can select the content of the data display by clicking "More columns". You can also choose the number of displays per page flexibly.


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