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How to install and debug the switchgear intelligent control device

2018-04-30 04:48:33

Switch cabinet intelligent control device installation and debugging method steps: 1. First, put a number of temperature acquisition modules in the required position; 2. Make a good hole on the cabinet panel according to the size of the device given above, and then fix it; 3. Connect the power cord according to the terminal diagram, switch on the power supply, the backlight on the LCD screen will automatically light up, first display the startup interface page, and then cycle to display several pages of data, among which the temperature and humidity in the cabinet can be obtained faster, and the temperature of several collection points can be collected in up to 5 minutes, and the power data is temporarily not concerned about because there is no connection. If the LCD screen is not on, check whether the power supply is powered on. If no data is displayed at a collection point for more than 10 minutes, replace the collection module. If the data is normal, please fix the acquisition module, and then re-energize the receiving device to confirm; 4. Short-connect each switch to the ground respectively, and check whether the corresponding status light on the panel of the device is on; 5. Connect the connection between the knob switch and the corresponding contact point in the cabinet; 6. Access three-phase voltage and current to see if there is data on the LCD screen; 7. The input end of the live indicator is connected to a voltage live sensor. When a phase is charged with high voltage, the corresponding live indicator will light up; when the three phases are not charged at all, the lock release indicator will light up; Note: If the test voltage exceeds the rated voltage during the voltage withstand test of the primary system of the switch cabinet, please pull out and short-circuit terminals 21, 22, 23 and 24 of the device related to the live indicator.