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How to interpret Jacky Cheung's "Forget You I Can't Do" album

2018-03-21 08:00:02

In 1996, singer Jacky Cheung released a music album, I Can't Forget You, including a song with the same name as the album. "Forget you I can't do" this song from the lyric point of view, the need to sing with feelings, general people are not good to control, this song on the fourth album. The album is a well-produced Mandarin album by Jacky Cheung at his peak, the lyrics and music of the album are mostly composed by Taiwanese musicians, and more than five songs in the classic Mandarin songs of the album have become the number one songs of the year, namely: "Forget you I can't Do", "Love Letter", "Slowly", "I Don't Want to" and "Dilemma". "Forget You I Can't" has achieved dazzling sales in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places.