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How to judge your own skin type

2018-03-29 11:12:49

In the face of a dazzling array of skin care products, how should we choose? How do you know which one is right for you? First of all, we need to determine what kind of skin we belong to


The neutral skin is smooth, delicate, soft, elastic, red and have, small pores are not obvious, without any defects, moderate water and oil, grain pichos are arranged neatly, skin grooves are vertical and horizontal, clean and healthy, is the most ideal beautiful skin. Most of the normal skin appears in children, young people especially after puberty still maintain neutral skin is rare. This kind of skin is generally prone to oil in hot summer and dry in winter.


Dry skin small pores, facial skin is thin, lack of water, lack of oil, dry, lack of elasticity, no, easy to molt and pulse combination, easy to spot, long wrinkles, not easy to make up, but the appearance is relatively clean. The cuticle is flat, the cuticle runs in a straight line, shallow, chaotic and wide.


Oily skin thick pores, thick skin, rough tissue, excess oil, skin easy to plug pores and long blackhead acne, yellow appearance, alkaline skin, better elasticity, not easy to aging. Easy to absorb ultraviolet light, black, easy to remove makeup. Pichu uneven convex, skin groove depth is different, in vertical and horizontal direction. The causes are natural sebum secretion, endocrine abnormalities and seasonal effects.


Combination skin A skin that presents two or more appearances. At most, the T part, such as forehead, nose and chin, is oily, and the eyes, cheeks and neck are neutral or dry.


Dehydrated skin lacks the compactness and fullness of the tissue, is severely dehydrated or loses moisture quickly, and can not maintain the moisture of the skin, making the skin almost lose its protection.