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How to knit a scarf

2018-03-12 12:48:00

The weather is getting colder and colder, and all kinds of beautiful scarves will start as soon as possible, although many scarves are very popular in style and color, but no matter how beautiful scarves, they are certainly not as warm as the hand-woven "warm brand" scarves. This is also the reason why many mm is keen on hand-knitting scarves, and for knitting scarves, the most difficult problem is nothing more than how to close the needle, so today Xiaobian will introduce some methods and skills of knitting scarves how to close the needle, and the clever mm quickly took the opportunity to learn it.


Wool, sweater needle

How to knit a scarf

The right needle comes out, then the two needles go through each other, and the first needle is pulled out.


Use the first needle to thread part of the yarn, and the other needle to thread the already woven yarn from the left side.


The two-needle oblique insertion method is more difficult.


Close the needle directly the simplest hook back to the original


The above four knitting scarf closing methods seem easy, but the actual operation will still be more difficult. Just practice a few times and you'll definitely get it. mm imagine the happiness when he received the warm and intimate scarf you sent him, it is worth the hard work.

Matters needing attention

When the last stitch was ready to close, Xian Yong saw that the needle and thread were cut together with the remaining yarn. Put the end of the thread into the last stitch and pull it tightly, taking the first stitch as an example, the first stitch is knitted, the second stitch is then woven, and then the third stitch before the first stitch is adjusted in front of the second stitch, it is good to go down, and then a stitch will go around the line.