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How to learn cad quickly

2018-04-03 04:48:54

1. Learn to draw by hand Practice has proved that the ability to draw by hand is very important, because it is the basis of computer drawing. To learn and master AutoCAD, there is a prerequisite: you must know how to draw by hand, and you must be very clear about the knowledge of the drawing geometry used in the drawing process. Every time you draw a drawing or even a simple line, you must be clear in your mind how to draw it if you draw it by hand. Only in this way can we further consider how to do it if we use AutoCAD. 2. Step by step, haste does not reach this truth everyone knows, because it is to learn any knowledge must abide by the rules, learning AutoCAD is no exception. But in practice, a mistake that many people make very easily is to just want to be quick and want to use AutoCAD for 3D design in a day or two. Try to think, if a person even relative cartesian coordinates and relative polar coordinates do not understand what is going on, how can you go from shallow to deep, from simple to complex to master a variety of AutoCAD functions? Therefore, when learning AutoCAD, we must understand each concept conscientiously, and do some corresponding exercises for each command we learn and master.