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How to learn more effectively?

2018-04-30 16:00:48

Let me introduce you to how to study more effectively!


Textbooks, notes, error books, problem books.


Planning -- Make short-term plans while making long-term plans regularly; The plan must be realistic. Make after-school time schedule, make full use of after-school time, reasonable arrangement, strict compliance, stick to it, and form a habit.


Preview theory -- fight for initiative. Side chestnut reading: read through the textbook. Write: Write down what you don't understand. Exercise: Do exercises after class.


Listen to the principle - heavy benefit. Listen to the teacher must do, focus on the key points, understand the class. Listen to the teacher's thinking to go, not preview with brilliant cream not on. The purpose of talking with the teacher is to grasp the key points and grasp the public key points, such as: formulas, theorems, words, sentence patterns...... More important is to grasp their own focus, grasp their preview in the don't understand.


Review the theory - talk about the method. Think: Think back on what you learned that day. Check: Recall is the best way to find out what is missing. Look: Look at your textbook, look at your notes. It has to be superficial, but it has to be a little. Write; Keep a record of important difficulties and omissions. Say: repeat.


Homework - to be self-disciplined (1) no time no homework: 30 minutes to finish writing English and 20 minutes to finish writing math. (2) No review no homework: do homework after review. (3) Encounter problems, puzzled, to let go, after the attack. (4) No check no homework: after finishing the homework should be checked. (5) No summary no homework: After you finish your homework, tell yourself what you have learned. (6) Independent work.


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Problem theory ------ will trace the source. Generally speaking, the problem involves more knowledge points, the four-digit span is large, and the logic is strong. Therefore, to find the knowledge behind the problem, understand the knowledge between the knowledge points.


To form good study habits Good study habits can help you study better. Such as: preview habit, review habit, note-taking habit.

Matters needing attention

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