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How to maintain NIKE/ Nike shoes

2018-03-28 08:00:28

If you love shoes, but do not know how to maintain Nike shoes after regular exercise? Here is how to better care for your favorite shoes.


Artificial leather: Nike shoes with artificial leather are relatively simple to clean, as long as the wet cloth is used to clean the leather immediately with a dry cloth. Do not use the maintenance oil to wipe the vamp for a long time, which will lead to small cracks in the vamp cortex.


Sanded leather (anti-fur) : This material of Nike upper cleaning is also relatively simple, only need a clean and dry small toothbrush on the leather surface to brush in one direction, in order to ensure the life of Nike shoes, please try to avoid contact with water and oil things in the usual wear.


Lacquer shoe upper: This kind of leather surface cleaning is the easiest, with this kind of vamp does not absorb water, we can find a relatively damp cloth to wipe with a dry cloth to dry the water.


Special fabric leather: The cleaning method of this material is to clean the dirty area of the Nike shoe upper with a small toothbrush and water with detergent, and then clean it with a small toothbrush, and finally wipe it with a dry cloth. Remind everyone to pay attention to: do not use brushes and water directly to brush the upper, try to avoid shoe polish maintenance upper, which will reduce the life of the shoe itself.

Matters needing attention

The leather side of the shoe, wet with cotton cloth, wring out, wipe


Because foam materials do not dry easily, it is recommended not to lay wet shoes flat


Most of the mesh surface is PV mesh surface, you can use an old toothbrush, dip in water, from inside to outside! The net surface is in front of the shoe, so it should be brushed by the Nike shoe to the Nike shoe head direction! This dirty stuff will not be too much residue in Nike shoes