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How to make a foreign trade website

2018-03-13 09:36:27

More than half of the foreign trade market are secondary development with open source programs, simple code background functions, affordable costs are loved by foreign trade, the current use of open source system to do the website, there are also many people think that the template is not good, in fact, it is not necessarily appropriate is the best, with secondary development, costs and costs are much more affordable than full development.


1 Domain name: The domain name should be short and good to remember the keywords of the website are good for inclusion, registered in every place are the same.


2. Website space: If you choose foreign space for foreign trade websites, you can also test the network speed and stability of the space. Be careful to use a foreign server test, because the visitor is a foreigner, but also pay attention to space, anti-freeze and avoid being blocked, which is very important.


3. Website technology: generally can see the language, PHP JSP ASP NET these languages are currently commonly used, PHP to do foreign trade is the most used, JSP stability is the best, ASP cost is the lowest, there is HTML5. From the optimization point of view of the source code and the situation of the website, do not know the technology only look at the appearance of the website, understand the source code of the website to know how high the technical content of the website. Five or six lines is a responsible, of course, will take into account the site's inclusion and do a good job of basic code optimization.


4. Cost: To do a foreign trade website depends on its functions and workload to make a quote, the template is generally around a few k, of course, some charges are high, customized is a different matter.