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How to make a simple poker trick?

2018-03-22 22:24:53

Magic shows are always amazing, watching magic at the same time many small partners must also want to learn magic, Xiaobian teach you a simple magic, it is easy to learn and then you can show friends.


Playing card


Pick four ACES from A deck of cards and put them on top. Don't let the audience see this step. The best thing to do is put the four ACES on it before you do the trick. Take the cards out of your pocket and go straight to the magic without letting the audience shuffle the cards.


From the bottom down, divide the deck into four equal piles. The four ACES will naturally appear on top of the fourth pile. Place the four piles from left to right so that the fourth pile appears on your far right. Don't focus too much on the fourth pile. Magic requires a distraction. If your audience finds out where "A" is, the trick won't work.


Take the first pile and put the top three cards on the bottom. It creates the illusion that you're shuffling the deck.


Place the top three cards on top of the other three piles, one for each pile. Start with the leftmost pile, end with the A pile. Each pile can only be divided into 1 card. This is crucial when splitting A pile of ACES, because the pile with ACES must have three other cards on top of it.


Repeat this step for the other three piles. And then the pile with the A. By putting the top three cards on the bottom, we now have four ACES on the top of the last pile. When you divide the top three cards into the other three piles, each pile will have an A on it.


Turn the top card of each pile over to reveal four ACES. If the audience doesn't believe you, offer to change it again.