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How to make a space home page

2018-05-07 01:36:51

The present space is the old version of the blog. The old version has more patterns, more samples, more content and more features. The new version is simple, trendy, refreshing and beautiful.




Account number


First you have to have an account, or register an account, an account can access all of its products. If you already have an account, just open the space. Of course, you can also open the space homepage to register the space directly.


After logging in to the home page, the first thing we need to do is to find the space login entry. Click Home More to enter the Product summary. Find the space in the community service below, click Open to enter the space, the first time to open the space has a web robot link, you can choose to complete, and then the straight open.


After completing the above steps, you can enter the space personally, and the simple and beautiful blue picture will come into view. Four major themes in the space are presented in front of us: text, pictures, music and video. You can post blog posts, upload pictures, search for music, and repost videos.


On the left of the top of the personal space, there are also several themes: 1, my home page 2, photo album 3, square 4, games, the above themes are independent plates, but also the characteristics of the space.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Click to open the module: 1, template selection 2, template customization 3, Custom module template selection: Select the space home page style. Template customization: can change the space background. Custom modules: Links and background music.


Several themes in the setting: 1, personal Settings: personal information. 2. Home page setting: Home page name and home page description. 3. Blacklist setting: Shield harassing users. 4. Bind account: Bind to other websites.

Matters needing attention

In template Settings, some templates do not support custom Settings.


Individual domain names do not support the second change, need to be carefully set.