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How to make a staff in Word

2018-04-07 03:12:21

In our daily life and daily office are indispensable word this software help, is our good helper. And some small partners need word to draw the staff to complete certain tasks. Today, we will teach you how to make a staff in Word.


Demo tool: Lenovo Y7000


Demo software: offic word 2007


To draw a staff, we need to use the table feature in the word document. Let's start by opening the word document and clicking Insert - Table - Insert table in the top toolbar.


Since we are drawing a staff, we set the number of rows and columns here to 1 column, 5 rows, and once we set the number of rows and columns, we click OK to create such a table.


After drawing a table with 1 column and 5 rows, we need to adjust the table data. Select the table we have drawn, right-click, and click Table Properties.


In the table properties, we click the "line" option, first of all to specify the height of the option to check, and then set the height of a value, the value will affect the size of the staff line spacing, here Xiaobian to 0.25 cm as an example, and finally change the highest value of the line to a fixed value. Then click OK.


The staff we made in this way has a border, so we need to cancel the border in this step, or select our table, click the right click on the border and shading, and cancel the left and right sides of the border as shown in the picture.


Next, we'll copy the first line of the staff we made, and then we'll copy the next line, so we're done. Look at our print preview.

Sum up

Draw a table with 1 row and 5 columns.


Specifies that the row height is a fixed value, and sets the row height to a fixed value.


Cancel the left and right borders of the table.


Copy the finished staff to each subsequent line up to the page.

Matters needing attention

Available staff font: akvo.ttf.