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How to make a variety show

2018-03-30 01:37:00

In recent years, there are more and more variety shows, and the quality is getting higher and higher. In particular, we have learned and absorbed the characteristics of many excellent variety shows from foreign countries and Taiwan, and formed the program effect with local characteristics in China. Personally, I think the variety shows of satellite TV stations have the best effect. When watching variety shows, we usually only care about the funny scenes in them. In fact, it is not difficult to imagine that behind this is a team responsible for content planning, operation, publicity and other behind-the-scenes work. Based on the experience of watching variety shows for many years, this paper summarizes the production methods of variety shows, especially some variety interview shows.

Common method

With the host's personal rich knowledge, eloquence, improvisation. Excellent host is the core and soul of variety show. A good presenter needs to be knowledgeable. Variety show hosts usually pay attention to some news such as entertainment circles, famous stars, and network popular terms in order to play freely on the program.


Arrange the process of the program, talk about the change of the topic, usually in the program production process through some small topic boards and so on to the host to see, guide the host to talk about some topics. Enhance the effect of the show with some props.


Do your homework before the program, in order to have an in-depth understanding of the entertainers and celebrities on the program: the latest situation, personal fame experience, recent fun, gossip, etc. For different parties, the interview content, methods, and jokes are also different. It's common to start by complimenting the guest to build distance and open up a conversation.


Prepare some classic passages, network phrases, memes, and jokes in advance, such as: Every day, I often ask the beautiful female guests whether they have a boyfriend, if they already have one, they immediately want to invite the next one; There is heaven above, there is XX below; Qian Feng often comes up with some bad jokes.


Each host has its own catchphrase, often repeated classic action Xian brother: Hell, when my laughter stops is when I don't laugh, really can't be Odi: imitate Jay Chou, imitate Jackie Chan, imitate Aaron Kwok and so on


Cabaret shows, talent shows, live impromptu B-boxes, raps, etc. Some are prepared, some are improvised.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Say yellow jokes, especially Wu Zongxian of Tai Geng Lian Jie Bay, often open yellow cavity, talk about women, have a boyfriend, gossip, gender issues are one of the eternal topics.


The host between each other, each other funny each other caused topics such as, every day up the host often hurt each other, Ou Di's short, Wang Han's old, Tian Yuan's skin is poor, Qian Feng head, small five Mandarin is not good


Live acting classes, generally will be agreed in advance, and then through the live play, a little similar to the nature of the sketch, but more casual. In particular, some famous stars who often appear on TV screens usually require some live improvisation.


Post-production is key. Common production methods include: clip cutting and splicing, music, audience laughter, applause, subtitle expression guidance, specific flash effect and so on. These can add a lot of color to the original relatively cold show. END