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How to make a video

2018-03-12 12:48:53

With the prevalence of the video era, shooting video with or SLR has become a way for many people to record their lives. Perhaps some netizens have no sense of shooting videos, then there are favorite stars, or games, TV dramas and even animation works, which are closely related to the video. How to make a video? Edit your own video clips, or videos of stars, games, animation, etc., and add cool subtitle special effects, style filter special effects, etc., to create unique video effects, share to your circle of friends, let your friends marvel at your creative works! Which free software is the easiest to use to make videos, and it comes with a lot of special effects? Wu Dong will teach you to use the first all-around free video production and video editing software "Love clip", the software comes with cool Hollywood subtitle effects such as wind sand, ink painting, as well as many style filter effects, etc., one click rendering can produce personalized video effects. PS: Attach a cool video made by netizens with love clips, start today's topic ~


Love clip


Add video, capture video We first click the "Add video" button, import video, and then enter the "Preview/capture" dialog box, capture the most exciting part of the video. Of course, if you don't need to capture the video, just close the dialog.


Then, switch to the "Subtitle effects" panel and double-click the video preview on the right side to add subtitles. You just need to check Subtitle effects in the left column. Love clip comes with a lot of blockbuster level Hollywood subtitle effects: sand dancing, ink dripping, colorful autumn leaves, cool light balls, wind notes, Mars, dream waves, etc., but also comes with a variety of dynamic subtitle effects: all kinds of rolling subtitle effects, typing effects, sweeping effects, etc., everyone can apply with a click. If you want to change the time when subtitles appear, it doesn't need to be as cumbersome as using other software, you just use the shortcut keys "Crtrl+X" and "Ctrl+V" (corresponding to the cut and paste function respectively), click the progress bar at the correct time, and paste the subtitles. Use "Ctrl+C" and "Ctrl+V" shortcut keys can also copy and paste subtitles parameters, do not need to repeat Settings, just double-click the title editing box, modify the title content on the line.


Set dynamic screen style special effects for video, one key beautify video appropriate application of screen style special effects, you can achieve a key beautify video effect. Love editing includes many "dazzling special effects", "dream scene style", "picture tone", "novel creative effects", "lens visual effects" and so on. For example: when the brightness of the video is dark, you can choose "brightness contrast", "improve light" or "wind and sunshine" and other special effects, click the "Add style effect" button, you can apply, to achieve the function of brightening the video, there are many cool special effects in the love clip, for you to be creative, free to choose their own favorite special effects, to create personalized video.


When you add a lot of video clips, the proper use of "transition effects" can make the video interface more natural and smooth. Love clip comes with hundreds of cool video transition effects, for everyone to set with one click, there are clips commonly used "flash black", "flash white", "overlap", corresponding to love clip video transition effects are: "Dark fade in fade out", "light fade in fade out", "transparent fade in fade out", etc., everyone just select the special effect, click the "Apply/Modify" button, you can apply for the selected video clip with one click!


Create a cool title for the video, export HD video After setting the previous parameters, let's set a cool title effect for the video. You just click on the "Export Video" button, in the pop-up box, in the "title effects" section select the matching title. Love clip comes with the forest Vientiane, heart burst, ink artistic conception, snow dancing, etc., for you to match freely. Finally, we just need to quickly export the dynamic video