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How to make a vivid water reflection?

2018-02-16 03:12:00

Mountains in the water, there are mountains in the water, the scenery of mountains and rivers is beautiful, there is also a classic beautiful poem in the book of songs: the so-called girl, in the water side, there is no film language only to say beauty, but it is to make people feel very beautiful, beauty is beautiful. The reflection in the water is graceful and hazy, especially soft, we can use the filter function in PS to make a realistic reflection effect on the water surface, interested friends, let's have a look.


Computer, photoshopcs6, a picture material


1, Open the material image, a file.


2, click the "Eraser tool" in the toolbar, and erase the meandering shoreline effect below the picture to make the fusion more realistic. Then Ctrl+J to copy Layer 1, get a copy of Layer 1 (Reflection layer), select the layer, do the "Edit - Transform - Vertical flip" command, get the original reflection, now let's refine it.


3, Execute Ctrl+T free transform command, drag the reflection layer down to the appropriate position, reduce the "opacity", the effect is shown below.


4, then it is time for the filter to show its skill, execute "filter - blur - dynamic blur", as shown in the figure below, the direction is vertical.


5, since it is to do the water reflection effect, of course, the filter in the "ripple", "water wave" command are executed again, adjust the value, need to consider the mood of the picture, the picture is quiet and beautiful, not suitable for large waves.


6, Layer on the reflection layer, fill white, click "Filter - Noise - Add noise", as shown below.


7, execute the "filter - blur - dynamic blur" command, different from the previous vertical direction adjustment. This time the adjustment is horizontal, because all the manipulation of layer 2 is to bring out the sparkling water effect.


8, after executing the "filter - Blur - Gaussian blur" command, click "Image - Adjustment - color level", as shown in Figure 9, click "OK" to close the color level dialog box, select the blending mode "Soft light", reduce the "opacity", it is finished!



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