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How to make college life more fulfilling?

2018-04-25 16:00:21

As 2015 comes to an end, Xiaobian's college life has also begun for a few months. In the first semester of school, there are always many confused college dogs who do not know how to enrich their college life, and play the machine every day to sleep. How to enrich college life? Check it out with Xiaobian.


You need a computer and a heart that is not afraid of fatigue!


After entering college, the biggest difference from middle school and high school is that college will hold a lot of activities, most of these activities have the benefit of academic credits, but also can meet more different people and things. Xiao Bian also participated in the short film finals held by the school last night, and saw how many talents there are in the school, which made Xiao Bian feel inferior!


Join a club or school league The university can be said to be quite a number of clubs, all kinds of weird clubs have. Of course, joining clubs is also quite busy, except for some front clubs. You can also get credits for joining a club.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Being a class leader in college can be said to be a lot of benefits, not only can learn a lot of knowledge but also can meet a lot of handsome men and women, credits will be more than others, and the chance of getting a scholarship at the end of the semester will be great. Of course, it is very hard to be a class cadre in the university, look at the student committee of Xiaobian class, but every day the pain of running around, not down. (In some universities, some class leaders are directly affiliated with some departments of the university.)


Bubble library college, don't always want to pick up girls and boys! Son, that's not realistic. If you don't learn more, it'll be breakup season after graduation. SO! Come on, nothing bubble library, in fact, the library more quality girls and handsome men.


A game of collegiate sports and basketball that is currently being played at various universities. There are so many handsome and beautiful men! There's a lot of nymphs around. Participating in these activities can not only exercise the body but also gain a lot of popularity. END

Matters needing attention

Xiao Bian sincerely advise freshmen, come on! You have to work hard to win beautiful people and handsome men.