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How to make fried white melon

2018-04-15 01:36:05

It tastes so good


White gourd custard bread crumbs oil egg


Clean the fresh winter melon and cut it into strips. Add salt and wait for 10 minutes. Then blot the surface with paper


Spread the wax gourd evenly (custard powder + starch) ps. If you don't have custard powder, you can ignore it. Put the wax gourd on a plate and pour the powder on top, then shake the plate to coat the wax gourd evenly


This article is an unauthorized grab from Experience


In the breadcrumbs, roll (shake the plate to evenly roll the breadcrumbs ~)


Pan heating into the oil, such as 5% heat into the wax gourd fried, pay attention to the heat is not too large, do not always use chopsticks, such as wax gourd surface fixed and then turn over. Be careful not to burn (I used oil before fried things, so more foam do not learn me ~ it is best to put more fried effect is better ~~ I am more stingy, love oil ah)


After frying with oil blotting paper to remove oil, cucumber embellishment ~ plate is ok