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How to make nine palace cut chart How to make nine grid cut chart

2018-04-06 01:36:04

We may often see a variety of beautiful nine grid diagrams in our friends, which is very personalized and very good-looking, and perhaps some new friends are not very good at operation and do not know how to make them. Here, Xiaocheng combined with relevant pictures to introduce to you, I hope to help you!

Methods/steps for making a nine-grid diagram on a computer

Open the already installed computer and select Beautify the image


Click the Open button in the upper right corner


Find the original image you want to make on your computer and click to open it


At this time, the mouse moves to more functions, and select the nine grid diagram from the drop-down menu


At this point, we can select the desired nine grid shape on the left


Xiaocheng here choose an Android icon


We can also choose some established special effects, Xiao Cheng chose a retro effect


After setting up, we click Save to local below


We can choose to save one large image as we like, or we can save nine cut images, and then click OK


Select the save path and click Save

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