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How to make small fringe

2018-03-31 00:00:34

Many manual enthusiasts like to do small ornaments, fringe pendant is the most common one, how to make a beautiful small fringe is indeed there are some skills, here to introduce the use of the most common tools to make a small fringe process and methods, ready tools and materials with Xiaobian start!








White emulsion


Hard ruler


Cut the skin: determine how big you want to make the fringe, use a ruler to measure out the required leather, for a rectangle, use a knife to draw marks along the ruler, and then use scissors to cut along the line. The length determines the thickness of the small fringe, you can try to roll it up and cut it again, to ensure that the cut is consistent with what you want; The width determines the height of the tassel, set according to your preference.


Line: measure out the ruler about 1.3 cm width, use a knife (preferably awl or nail) gently draw marks, the width is the height of the tassel head, can be set according to preferences, the line can be seen clearly, try not to destroy the leather surface.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


Do the hanging head: take a fringe width of the strip used as the hanging head, can be determined according to the needs of the length of the hanging head, personal or feel smaller will be more beautiful. Use a knife to cut both sides of the strip head, cutting the effect is high in the middle, low on both sides, this purpose is to make the tassel roll more tight, so that the middle rolled up strip head takes up less space, if you want to save trouble can not cut.


Processing the end of the skin (optional) : use a knife to cut the end of the fringe piece, so that the end is thin, in order to roll the fringe to the end of the roll to paste it more comfortable, more beautiful, if you do not care, you can not cut, the rose red (skin 2 mm, slightly thick) fringe in the back display effect is not cut, the effect is good.


Glue: White latex on both sides of the hanging head and the first end of the fringe sheet, for pasting, the small series of tests, white latex viscosity is good, air drying time is not long and will not dry quickly, time is good, the most important thing is that it has no taste, strong glue taste is large, not suitable for use here.


Roll the tassel: Fold the two sides of the hanging strip head in half and press the first end of the tassel sheet, reserve the length of the hanging head, press and roll up, then the excess glue may stick to the hand and the leather, do not worry, the leather is not visible when rolled up, wipe the hand to ensure that the roll to the last layer to keep clean. Finally, the tail is coated with glue, pressed, and kept in the state for about 1-2 minutes, and the small fringe is completed.


Finished product display: The picture shows some small tassels made by Xiaobian, not tall thin or squat, are very cute, the advantage of diy manual is that the shape can be controlled by yourself, the selection of materials is also guaranteed, I hope to see my experience, you can also make beautiful small tassels.

Matters needing attention

Hands do not tremble, smoothly cut the tassel, it is best to cut to the specified line.


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