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How to make your lips last longer?

2018-03-26 01:36:41

Girls usually wear a little lipstick, the whole person's temperament can rise a lot. But many girls encounter such embarrassment, after drinking water, the lipstick on the lips has fallen more than half, more embarrassing is the water cup full of red lips, how can solve such embarrassment, then I teach you a few tips.


Loose powder, lipstick


Paper towels, brushes


Press Lipstick Apply This lipstick is suitable for matte texture, apply the lipstick evenly on both lips, gently press, so that the lipstick is better colored on the lips. Finally, use a paper towel to sip the excess lipstick onto the paper towel.


Some of the more moist texture of the lipstick is not suitable for the press method, this time we need to use some small tools. Dab some loose powder on your lips (put a little lipstick on top of the powder if you don't want it to dry out), then apply lipstick, then press it back. Repeat the process once, but the second time you don't need to press. Press your lips with a thin layer of paper towel, then dip a little loose powder in the brush, and gently sweep your lips to let the loose powder stick to your lips, so that the lipstick will be less hydrated and will last better.


Before you apply lipstick, put on a base makeup, either concealer or pressed powder


There are a lot of lipstick raincoat on the market now, the principle is after applying lipstick, plus a layer of transparent waterproof protective film, this method is also the most durable, probably can keep three or four hours without makeup


Exfoliate your lips regularly. More exfoliates your lips easily, and lip makeup does not last long from heat. The easiest way to exfoliate your lips is to cover them with granulated sugar and gently massage. Finally, wash off the sugar and apply a hot towel to your lips. You will find that the keratin will be easily removed.

Matters needing attention

To keep the lipstick in place, apply it with pressure as much as possible, optionally with a lip brush