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How to master the ipad tips?

2018-04-08 04:48:29

There are a few small tricks in using the iPad, and once you master these tricks, you will find that your iPad becomes more convenient to use. Here are 26 useful tips from around the web.


In the event of a system crash, perform a soft reboot by holding down the power button and the Home button for a few seconds and the iPad will restart. To force out of the app, just hold down the Home button.


Cut, Copy and Paste function Tap any editable text 4 times to highlight the appropriate block.


The fastest way to silence the speaker is to hold down the volume down button for two seconds and the iPad will go into silent mode.


Just like on the iPhone, hold down the power and Home buttons for half a second, and the content of the screen will be saved as a png image in the photo library.


Quickly scroll to the bottom of an article, and to quickly return to the top, just click on the title bar once.


Preview your message more Open "Settings - Mail - People and Contacts" and select "5 lines" under "Preview".


In the map app, double-click the "My Location" icon, and the hidden compass feature will appear.


When you enter a web address in your browser or E-mail address, long press button to display options such,.net,.cn, You do not need to adjust the input method for input.


Press the Home button but do not want to exit the program Continue to hold the Home button do not let go, for about 5 seconds, you will not exit the program.


If the iPad fails to shut down, hold down the Home button and Power button until the iPad restarts.


You can shake the iPad body and a prompt will pop up on the screen to undo your input. And shake again, you can redo the input.


Activate the electronic Photo frame by pressing the power button to open the screen. Before unlocking the iPad, you can activate the electronic photo frame function of the iPad by pressing the button on the right of the unlock bar.


The 30-pin USB port in the Camera Connection Kit for the iPad supports a card reader, a USB keyboard, and even a USB fan.


App Store and iTunes Store support Chinese accounts, but iTunes Store is not supported, you need to use a US account to log in, switching accounts is in the "Settings -Store".


3G iPad Internet Settings 3G iPad supports Chinese and SIM card clipper card use, but you need to set the APN before surfing the Internet. Yes 3GNET, mobile is CMNET, in the "Settings - Cellular data -APN Settings" field.


In case an app doesn't respond and you can't exit by pressing any button, try holding down the "Sleep" button until the message "Move the slider to shut down" appears on the screen, then release the "sleep" button instead of holding down the "Home" button, and after 5 seconds, the app exits and returns to the home screen.


When you open an application, music is being played in the background through the iPod application. If you want to change the songs played, play volume, or directly enter the iPod player without exiting the existing application, press the Home button twice. A small menu will pop up for you to adjust.


iPad charging When connected to the computer, if the screen is off, it will enter the charging state, if the screen is open, it will show that it is not charging.


When browsing the web in Safari, you come across a link that can be opened, you can choose to hold the link for a long time, and the system will pop up a small menu that allows you to select "Open", "Open in new page", or "Copy" and other options. This will not cause a new window to open automatically every time you click a link, resulting in a cluttered screen of Windows.


If you have the EQ function (equalizer) on your iPod music player, it will make the song more pleasant to listen to, but if you keep the EQ on while listening to music, it will consume a lot of power. The "Equalizer" can be turned off through the "iPod" menu in "Settings".


When the iPad is used, the ambient temperature is suitable between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius, so do not use it in direct sun. The temperature range of the storage environment after the device is turned off is -20 to 45 degrees Celsius, so it is not recommended to store the iPad in a hot carriage when not in use.


If your iPad is often used by other people (or children), you can use the "Restrictions" item under the "General" menu in the "Settings" to disable the use of APP Store apps, so that people do not mistakenly buy paid apps.


If you want to select a day in the future or in the past few years or ten years in the calendar, it is troublesome to keep clicking forward or backward on the year, another way is to hold the year for a long time, and then release the hand, at which time the year will automatically change forward or backward. Until the number of years, click once, it will automatically stop.


VoiceOver can read books from iBooks in the accessibility feature in the Settings General.


Like iTunes and the iPod, the iPad's iBooks app can also import custom books in specific formats.


Turn on Virtual keyboard when using an external keyboard If the iPad is connected to an external keyboard, the virtual keyboard is automatically hidden. If you need a virtual keyboard, click the eject button on the external keyboard.