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How to match a love sweater

2018-02-20 06:24:00

There are many styles of sweaters, solid color, with patterns, stripes, patterns and so on, love pattern sweater is more lovely and sweet, then love sweater how to match? Below to introduce a few love sweater collocation, I hope to help you.

How to match a love sweater

Match one: dark red love sweater + brown leather skirt Red clothes wear out very youthful, also very festive, this dark gray love sweater is a relatively slim short version, the lower body with a brown leather skirt, youth, age reduction and very figure.


With two: Pink love sweater + Pink pleated gauze skirt Pink clothes are very sweet to wear, this pink love sweater is loose and thin, and the color is also very gentle, temperament, the lower body with a pink pleated gauze skirt of the same color, in spring and autumn wear will certainly earn enough to turn heads.


With three: rice white love sweater + black pleated short skirt Rice white is a very gentle color, more autumn and winter wear, this rice white love sweater version loose, also very warm, with a black pleated short skirt, light and dark together, and the single product is also very age reduction.


Match 4: Red black and white matching love sweater + black turtleneck sweater + Black denim bell bottoms + black socks boots This red black and white matching love sweater is more fashionable than a solid color sweater, is a more retro style, with a black turtleneck sweater, and then with a black denim bell bottoms and black socks boots, retro style is full.


With five: beige love sweater + beige knit pants Knitted pants are a very practical single product in spring and autumn, beige knit pants, comfortable, but also very popular nowadays, with a beige love sweater, sweet, gentle and very foreign.


With six: blue and black matching love sweater + black woolen pants This blue and black matching love sweater is also a relatively retro style, the version of the high collar is also very warm, the lower body is matched with a pair of black woolen pants, showing temperament and.