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How to modify Chinese font in World of Warcraft game

2018-04-15 22:24:47

Since the platform needs to input traditional Chinese characters, the client does not have its own simplified character library, there will be a lot of input methods in the game are not supported, even if the traditional input method is used, the font will be different, there will be a lot of garbled characters or question marks to replace the text, in this case, if you want to input Chinese fonts in the game, It is necessary to find a no problem font package, enter the file to modify.


Taiwan World of Warcraft game client


Simplified Chinese font package


First step, open your Start menu and search for fonts in the bottom left corner (Windows 7, XP users go directly to the control panel to find fonts)


The second step is to go to the font library and find the font you need and copy it


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Step 4: After entering the folder, paste the fonts just copied, two files "msyh.ttf" and "msyhbd.ttf" will appear


Step 5: According to the list I gave, change the short font file to the font file you need frizqt_.ttf -> Main interface font ARIALN. ttf -> Yes chat font MORPHEUS.ttf -> Mail, task font skurri.ttf -> Damage font


intellect, Spirit, Stamina, Agility, Strength, Armor, haste raiting, spell power, spell power, Hit raiting-- hit level, resilence-- resilience, Dodge raiting-- Dodge level, Critical Strike raiting-- Critical strike level mastery-- expertise rating-- Proficiency level strength-- Strength reslience-- Toughness parry-- Parry reforge-- Recast

Matters needing attention

Chinese font package must be complete; Recommended to use "Microsoft elegant black"


When mainland players play Warcraft, they may encounter network delay problems, and they can use a V-game network accelerator