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How to open a dry cleaning

2018-03-24 04:48:42

For many people who have entrepreneurial ideas, they need to carefully understand their ideas, determine the specific direction, and use their own advantages to start a business. Here is how to open a dry cleaning, hoping to be inspired by interested friends.


Dry cleaning needs: a starting fund can meet their basic shop improvement and decoration, equipment procurement, operation for three months and so on. If you want to start a business, you must first have a starting fund to meet your basic needs.


To open a dry cleaning need: to understand and familiar with the dry cleaning business, establish their own ideas and ideas, know how to design their own dry cleaning business content and service concept and so on. Do not do what you were doing before, and now you want to open a dry cleaning, you need to have preparation and ideas. Designing businesses and services is critical.


Cleaning needs: Pick a suitable place to do dry cleaning. Open is the need for specific office space, dry cleaning area does not need to be too large, to meet their normal work can be operated, if they have enough capital, naturally can shop design larger, whether there are enough consumer groups around is the key.


Open a dry cleaning needs: to determine whether to create a brand or choose a mature brand to join the open. There are also many well-known brands of dry cleaning, before the official opening, you can also think about whether to create a brand or choose to join.


Open dry cleaning needs: to obtain legal business qualifications, go to the local industry and Commerce Department for registration audit. Not to create a brand or choose to join the brand, you need to obtain legal business qualifications, can provide good service for customers, but also to protect their legitimate rights and interests in the face of problems.


Open dry cleaning needs: shop decoration and design, purchase all kinds of equipment and materials. Dry cleaning is the need to have a specific shop style, from their own target customer group and their own dry cleaning positioning to design decoration style, material purchasing, equipment specifications, etc.


Open home dry cleaning needs: have their own member management system, have their own marketing ideas, find the right way to promote and promote. Dry cleaning also needs to have their own ideas and ideas, especially their own sales framework, their own target member population, etc.