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How to open the door after the tiger and the Wolf

2018-04-29 16:00:52

This period of experience for everyone to introduce the tiger drive Wolf old four how to open the door


Desktop 1001




Sword net 33.23.001


This page is based on experience


When the BOSS health reaches 55%, the station pile will start to return blood, in addition to the 2DPS dedicated to hitting monsters, the rest of the DPS violent output BOSS pressure stage (the BOSS will continue to produce monsters, after about three waves to end the blood return, if the DPS pressure is large, you can arrange one more person to help beat the monsters)


After the BOSS is finished, he will magnify the move to kill life, and before magnifying the move, he will say: "Is it too early to use this move (something like this)". At this time, all people away from 35 feet to avoid harm, can also swing away, the big move for internal and external release, it is recommended that everyone stay away from 35 feet first. Backward P2


After entering P2, there will still be a surge of toxic blood, pay attention to the circle, the little monster continues to beat the little monster, the little monster continues to T little monster, others fight the BOSS, the BOSS will be released at this stage:


Note that P2 monsters appear throughout the whole process, hit the monsters must hit the monsters, if there are more monsters, you can all DPS group a wave of monsters and then output the BOSS. The BOSS hits 30% and then starts standing stakes and returns to P3


With the P2 stage, pay attention to stay away from 35 feet after the end of blood return or all the swaying to avoid injury. When the BOSS health is less than 10%, all the small monsters are not held back by T, and the violence will reduce the BOSS by 1.6%.