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How to plan an event

2018-05-03 11:12:49

Event planning is a very important skill. Do you know how to plan a wonderful event?


This page is taken from experience without authorization


Get the timing right. Timing is very critical, try to stagger the peak business, try to choose the right temperature season, etc., this is the weather and geographical.


Strive for enough, you can make up for it with creativity, but it's hard to run an event without money. If we get enough money, we can do it.


Enlist the activists in the group and form a planning team to come up with ideas together. Then let the activists mobilize the people around them, which can ensure participation.


Publicity planning can be appropriate out of place, spoof a high, so that employees feel relaxed and happy is very important, relaxed, everyone is willing to participate.


Leaders should not be bystanders, but should play with employees. Putting on a show, putting on a show, it's a great way to bond with employees.

Matters needing attention

Run it wide. Make it easy.