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How to plan and build a perfect seo website

2018-05-14 12:48:04

How to plan and build a perfect seo website. Building a site is an easy thing, but to build a site that will make money, it can take some thought. How can we call the perfect seo planning scheme? The standard of identification is very simple, waiting for the completion of the website, after a period of optimization and promotion, to see its ranking in the search engine, of course, in the performance of the site in the search engine, website planning is only to lay a good foundation for it, but also need all aspects of the work to cooperate, in order to play a real role. The first step, determine the main business, mining the keyword database why is the beginning of mining the vocabulary? Not some kind of page planning thing? The reason is very simple, our site is to do seo optimization, in the face of search engines to make the site, certainly first know how the user is to search your business related keywords, and then according to all the keyword list, reasonable distribution in the site, here may be mined into a lot of words, we can be grouped according to the intensity of competition, correlation, divided into groups, along the way The url is also determined and recorded in the group, so that it is easy to do internal chain later. The second step, structural planning and visual layout know how the user is searching, combined with each page needs to hit the keywords of the page structure planning and visual layout, what structure is more suitable for search engine optimization, everyone, visual layout, this point to the web designer to consider. Page layout as far as possible to cover the user's concerns, in the first time to be able to find the target of clicking, rather than looking for the east and west, and finally leave the page, a good user experience, is the top priority. The third step, build perfect seo functions and strong scalability Since it is an seo website, then it is necessary to provide convenience for seo, each page title, description can be freely modified, automatic internal link setting function, friendship link module, convenient call information and a series of issues, all need to be carefully considered. Also consider the loading speed of the page, which is also a factor affecting seo. Fourth, add content and test online Before the website is launched, ensure that there are more than 100 articles in the station, it is better to be original, and it can score points for its performance in the search engine, the website function construction must be perfect, the test is correct to upload, one time in place, can not appear after the online repair and change, feel that here is not perfect, where is not perfect, these things are free.