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How to play after the dream journey west

2018-05-14 04:48:55

Dream westward journey as an old game with more than 10 years of history, attracted a large number of old players, although the highest level is now raised to 175, more and more players across the river, Fangcun Mountain is very strong after the river, then how to play Fangcun Mountain after the river.


After the successful heist, will have a new shape of the role, is a status symbol of fantasy high-end game players, can be based on the new shape with a set of more handsome brocade, anyway, the general heist is a lot of fairy jade. As for the new and old style between, you can switch at will in the treasure elephant country neon fairy.


After the rescue, you can go to (267.184) to find the cloud Man


Click Cloud Person, you can have the opportunity to reset the attribute point once, click I want to reset the attribute point can be.


After the disaster, the direction of your attributes can be determined, if you want to play the task flow, it is recommended that 5 demons, or 4.5 demons 0.5 sensitive, for well, do not need to bear, because since the number of play the disaster, the equipment is generally not bad, in the case of full repair, the general task without pressure


You can also take the main seal PK or kill these high-end things of the route, that is, our seal square inch, this point of advice is 1 body 1 resistance 3 sensitivity, as long as the speed is fast, carry, first hand seal people, teammates or babies to kill on the line.


One of the most important points after the raid is the increase in the level ceiling, you can rise to level 175, the highest level of summoning beasts can rise to 180, the same as the mount.


In general, the gathering area of players after the robbery, in the Treasure elephant country, every activity, you can go to the treasure elephant country to find a team, otherwise a person, up to 175 too slow.

Matters needing attention

After the disaster, the playability will be much larger, but there are fewer players of the same level, it is recommended to add more friends and find a fixed team