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How to play live cs

2018-05-01 16:00:00

Live CS Radium War is a simulation system that transforms the military's actual combat training system into a civilian one. At the same time, it draws on the scene design and game rules of the Counter-Strike CS online game. It is a unique training program that is extremely tense and full of entertainment. Through role playing and team cooperation, we can achieve the purpose of healthy leisure and team building while experiencing happiness. I often see it when I go out to travel, and the price is not expensive, and I often play with my friends.


You have to travel, or go to an amusement park (a bigger one).


Have money (you have to buy tickets, of course)


There are several ways to play live CS, and I'll show you a few important ones. Jungle attack and defense Generally jungle attack and defense is mainly used in the first two games of the game every day, the content is relatively simple, the specific content is: before the game starts, a team enters the jungle to defend, and the other team enters the jungle to search and destroy the enemy in the jungle after the game starts. The victory condition is the victory of the team with the most survivors when one side is eliminated or reaches the specified time of the game. This kind of task is mainly used for the beginning of the game, the main purpose is to familiarize everyone with the equipment and the venue, and the victory is not very important.


Limited time attack and defense is more complicated than jungle attack and defense. Before starting, the attack and defense sides are divided. The defense side is required to defend a certain area and stick to it for a certain period of time. The attacking side will be equipped with a medic (that is, a VIP with an infrared remote control and a Red Cross logo, whose Settings can be completed using a wireless handheld remote control) the medic is tasked with rescuing the soldiers of the other side, replenating their lives so that they can return to the battlefield, and there is no limit to the number of times, but once the medic is killed, the attacker will be sentenced to defeat.


Capture the Flag is a physically demanding game usually scheduled for the last game or two of the day. Specific content: Set up three red, yellow and blue flags in the game venue, and the three flags are best in a triangle configuration. Each flag should be 150 to 200 meters apart, with trees or buildings between them. To ensure that no matter which flag you stand under, you do not see the other two flags, and each flag has a leader with a walkie-talkie. Each side of the game is equipped with a medic (VIP), which must be set with an infrared remote control in the game. Remember, the player must have no more than three life Settings. At the beginning of the game, the red and blue teams start from the red and blue flags, and the task of both sides is to defend the flag of the other side and seize the flag of the third party. The method of capturing the flag is: first attack the shoulder of the leader under the flag of the other side, at this time the leader starts to count, if the flag is captured within 20 seconds and is not killed, it will be considered a successful capture of the flag, the leader will use the walkie-talkie to notify other leaders to announce: "a team has captured a flag." Victory condition: A medic who captures all three flags or kills one of them.


As the name suggests in this game the players will be divided into three parties, that is, red, blue armband and no armband three teams. The three teams are arranged in a triangle, each team will be configured with a medic, but this medic does not need to set it as a VIP, just an ordinary soldier with an infrared remote control. The three parties will fight each other at the beginning of the game, in which any party can negotiate an alliance with the other party to destroy the other party. One thing to remember, however, is that once a medic dies in the game, he turns back into a regular soldier. The infrared remote control will be recovered by the leader, when one party in the game is eliminated, all the personnel of the eliminated party will choose to join one of the remaining two parties, and become the team members of one party to continue to participate in the battle until one of the remaining two parties is eliminated. The last to be destroyed will be judged a defeat, the first to be destroyed will be judged a defeat, and the last to survive will be judged a victory.


There are several kinds of small game play, here will not be detailed, we can relax when entertainment.

Gameplay rules

Playing the game, of course, must set rules, as the saying goes :" no rules can not be fangyuan ", of course, must set a rule that everyone agrees and is fair. Let's take a look at the gameplay rules of live CS.


1. Confrontation training is a non-contact sport; 2. Only the equipment provided by the club or approved by the club can be used to participate in the war, and the equipment of the club shall not be taken away from the venue. 3. Any action that can harm others is not allowed during the battle; 4. It is not allowed to block the sensor with hands or any objects during the match; 5. No objects are allowed to be thrown during the match; 6. No shooting is allowed before the start of the game; 7, before the start of the race must wait for the command within 10 meters of the starting point, can not exceed this range; 8, must be in the pre-designated venue within the scope of the game; 9, must abide by the decision of the referee; 10. If the referee issues a pause during the game, everyone must stop shooting and stay in their own position; 11, each person's health is limited, after running out of health must take off the helmet and shout "I am out" and return to the base (starting point); 12, once out, please do not talk to other players who are not out; 13, the club referee in order to maintain the fairness of the game has the right to re-team; 14. Before participating in sports, you must sign a statement stating that you understand that there are certain risks involved in sports and that you accept these risks; 15. No one shall take the club equipment away from the venue; 16, do not allow any weapons and illegal items on the site, including knives, guns, etc.; 17. Smoking and drinking are not allowed during the game. * Please be sure to comply with the above matters, if there is a violation of the consequences, I hope you can understand and cooperate. Real CS team rules Play real CS is a certain danger, so you must do a good job of safety measures, the most basic defense equipment is the full protective helmet, if there is no such basic equipment is not able to play the game, because the eyes are very vulnerable to damage. I played one of those powerful human CS guns, and once knocked out a man's eye temporarily blind, very serious, so please be sure to do a good job of protection.


Here to explain to you: real CS is about teamwork, and it is also a great opportunity to cultivate the tacit understanding and intimacy between friends, but be sure to pay attention to safety, especially protection.

Matters needing attention

Here: real CS is just a game, win or lose there is no need to get angry, quarrel, the game is a way to relax


Be sure to be safe. Take me as an example. Warn everyone