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How to play the piano in f

2018-04-07 06:24:56

Piano tuning is simply tightening or relaxing the strings so that they reach a certain pitch (international standard tone). That is to say, a group of small characters A tone, vibration frequency to 440Hz as the standard, according to the twelve equal temperament method to debug each sound of the piano. Now let's talk about how to play the piano in f.


The piano has a note in the key of f to black keys, that is, 4 sharp (according to the key of C is 7 flat), if there is this note in the left hand accompaniment, of course, you need to use black keys.


f major, that is, F as dol tone up and down the scale. The key sign (characteristic tone) of f major is flat 7. The ascending scale in f major is fa-sol-la-♭ si-del-re-mi-fa (4-5-6-♭7-1-2-3-4), the right hand is 12341234, and the left hand is 54321321.


The descending scale in f major is fa-mi-re-dol-♭si-la-sol-fa (4-3-2-1-♭7-6-5-4), the right hand is 43214321, and the left hand is 12312345.