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How to post recruitment information online

2018-05-06 06:24:50

Now there are too many recruitment information platforms that can be published, including interpersonal circles, official platforms, life sites, and some forums. Publish according to your own recruitment situation, remember not to publish junk information at will.


Real and reliable recruitment information


Real way


First, the official platform is generally its own official platform recruitment, which can be directly independent of a section for talent accumulation; Generally large enterprises will have such a recruitment page; Is to reserve talent for their own enterprises.


Second, talent network this is a relatively direct, professional very strong point; Many companies or, when recruiting personnel, will go to the corresponding recruitment information.


There are free and paid sites like this; You can register a user name, or the platform gives an account, which can be edited and published the corresponding job recruitment information. Of course, if there is no internal personnel will send, you can let the talent network personnel to help release, generally give money, you can help release. Edit the title is the position and position or title that needs to be recruited, and the details can write the requirements and specific operational matters of this position, as well as the corresponding requirements; Salary, etc.


Third, life classification network of this kind of website, classification is more, not only have to eat to play, there will be corresponding trading transactions, but also there will be talent recruitment, or talent resume. For such websites, you can publish some recruitment information yourself, and the internal administrative staff can find, obtain and screen the talents suitable for their positions in the classification. It is not ruled out that there are some companies with intentions to publish information online, or some non-applicants to publish information, need to be reviewed and then recruit talents.


Fourth, the category of interpersonal circle is relatively free, but also relatively good, on the one hand may be acquaintance introduction, on the other hand may be the same professional network friends, the same hobby of strange friends and so on. For example, groups, forums, Spaces, professional communities, etc., can be used to find talents suitable for their own enterprises or.

Matters needing attention

Release the platform as required


Recruitment spamming is not recommended