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How to prevent breast fibroma?

2018-05-07 20:48:45

The age stage with the highest frequency of breast fibroma is 20-50 years old, which is one of the most common benign tumors of the breast, preventing breast fibroma is an important method for women to protect the breast, so the method of preventing breast fibroma must be mastered by everyone. Experts said that the prevention of breast fibroma should start from life.

Prevent breast fibroma

Make a regular schedule for yourself, don't stay up late, and maintain a healthy pace of life.


Learn to conduct breast self-examination, after the monthly menstrual clean, women over 30 years old to the breast specialist for a physical examination every year, women over 40 years old to the specialist medical examination once every six months, to achieve early detection and early treatment.


Keep the mentality, not great joy and sorrow, to overcome long-term psychological pressure. Being in a depressed environment for a long time will reduce the body's resistance and induce breast diseases.


Breast care, adhere to physical examination: women of different ages should adhere to breast self-examination, monthly menstrual clean after; Women over 30 years of age go to the breast specialist for a physical examination every year, and women over 40 years of age ask a specialist for a physical examination every six months to achieve early detection and early treatment.


Correct treatment of breast diseases, can not be denied medical treatment. After finding a lump in the breast, immediately find a breast specialist to check and cooperate with treatment. As long as breast fibroma is a benign tumor, but there is also the possibility of malignant change, especially during pregnancy and lactation tumor growth fast or age longer course of disease, or accompanied by breast hyperplasia or multiple recurrence, should be vigilant, timely treatment, to prevent disease changes.