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How to profit from public accounts

2018-03-15 12:48:47

Since the development of the public platform, it has become the main way of media communication, and has also achieved a number of "we media" people. Here's how to monetize the platform.


Public platform


The profit model of the platform in the market is mainly divided into the following four types: 1. It is the traffic platform of the platform, apply to become the traffic master, and make profits through advertising display. 2, the platform opened the appreciation function, through the original content to obtain the appreciation of users. 3. Build the platform and make profits by selling related items. 4, the platform to cooperate with enterprises, through the form of graphic advertising to make profits. The final paid reading is still in private beta, waiting for the official announcement. The following steps are detailed for each mode.


1. Open the main traffic function. Conditions must be met to enable the main traffic function. Platform fans more than 5,000 can open the main traffic function. After the platform invites to open the main traffic function, click open in the background, fill in the information according to the requirements and submit the application for review. After opening, users can access the advertisement, obtain the corresponding fee according to the number of clicks, and finally withdraw cash.


2, open the appreciation function Appreciation is the user to see the graphic message, click appreciation can give you a reward. The amount of rewards can be withdrawn directly. Appreciation function is invitation system, through the release of the original function, the platform will invite the opening of the original function, and then you are eligible to invite the opening of appreciation function.


3, build a platform to build, and then through the user purchase, you can obtain profits.


4. Cooperate with enterprises to help enterprises push advertising information in the platform to obtain advertising fees.


Paid reading directly access to the cost, this needs to wait for the official opening to apply, the specific rules can pay attention to official information.


In summary, in doing the above several modes, the most important point is to fully improve the value of the platform and increase the number of users, only in this way can the value of the platform really be played. Come on!!

Matters needing attention

The main information of the platform should be consistent with the individual, and the withdrawal is convenient.