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How to properly maintain the car: Car beauty maintenance secrets

2018-03-14 16:00:46

The so-called car maintenance refers to maintaining and restoring the technical performance of the car to ensure that the car has good usability and reliability. It contains a lot of knowledge, timely and correct maintenance will make the service life of the car, improve safety performance, save money and avoid a lot of trouble to repair the car. However, nowadays, the concept of "repair for insurance" still exists in the driver team, and traffic accidents caused by lack of insurance or improper maintenance frequently occur. Therefore, timely and correct maintenance of the car is an important part of the service life of the car and to ensure driving safety. What we usually say about car maintenance is mainly the work of maintaining the good technical state of the car and the service life of the car. In fact, its content is more extensive, including car beauty care and other knowledge, in summary, there are mainly the following three aspects: first, car body maintenance Car body maintenance is also used to call car beauty. The main purpose is to remove all kinds of oxidation and corrosion outside and inside the car, and then protect it, and try to highlight the "beauty" of the car. It mainly includes: car paint maintenance, cushion carpet maintenance, bumper, skirt maintenance, instrument table maintenance, plating processing maintenance, leather plastic maintenance, tires, hub warranty, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine appearance maintenance, etc. Car body maintenance is to make the car eternal youth, the purpose of car maintenance is to let the car travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers without overhaul, to ensure that the car is in the best technical state. It mainly includes: lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system, brake system, carburetor maintenance and so on. Third, car body renovation, such as deep scratch diagnosis, management, multi-material bumper repair, wheel hub damage repair, leather, chemical fiber material renovation, engine color renovation. Car maintenance is divided into regular maintenance and non-regular maintenance two categories, regular maintenance: daily maintenance, first level maintenance, second level maintenance; Non-regular maintenance: run-in period maintenance and seasonal maintenance. The main work of car maintenance is nothing more than cleaning, inspection, tightening, adjustment and lubrication. However, with the development of science and technology and the automobile industry, various advanced technologies based on computers are widely used in automobiles, making the future automobile gradually intelligent, so the content of automobile maintenance has been given new connotations. Car maintenance is a highly technical and complex work, which is difficult to complete by the driver himself, and needs to be carried out by professional car beauty agencies or maintenance agencies. And now in China, there are still some automobile beauty agencies and maintenance and repair agencies cling to the traditional maintenance concept, maintenance equipment and tools are outdated and backward, maintenance methods and means are still old, and this does not meet the needs of modern development. In addition, there are individual institutions of service quality is worrying, in order to seek profits "black box operation", maintenance to the old new, to the poor charge, maintenance fees, replacement fees. Therefore, to remind drivers to maintain the car must choose strong technical force, reliable service quality, good reputation of maintenance and repair institutions, rather than too much trouble, to save money and not to maintain the car, so as not to penny wise and pound foolish. How to maintain the car In the hot summer, due to high temperature, rainfall, dust and radiation heat and other reasons, so that the car, especially the engine technical situation has changed. In order to meet the needs of the normal operation of the car, before the arrival of the summer, should be combined with secondary maintenance of the whole car to carry out some necessary seasonal inspection and adjustment: strengthen the use and maintenance of the cooling system :A, pay attention to check the sealing of the cooling system, the tightness of the fan belt, the sensitivity of the thermostat and the cooling water temperature, and pay attention to sufficient cooling water. B, remove the scale adhered to the cooling system, including the radiator and water jacket. Because the thermal conductivity of scale is poor, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation. 2. Replace the engine with high-viscosity lubricating oil and appropriately shorten the oil change cycle; Transmission and differential should be replaced with summer thick gear oil; Hub bearings are replaced with grease with higher drop point, and inspected and maintained according to the specified period; Brake fluid may produce gas resistance at high temperature, and brake fluid with high boiling point should be used.