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How to propose in a movie theater? Cinema proposal Guide

2018-03-23 06:24:38

Meeting love is like encountering a blooming flower scene, and it is like coinciding with a swirling snow, flowers are easy to fade, and snowflakes are always fleeting. Are you still hanging out in your marriage, waiting for the right time? Cinema proposal is now the romantic way to propose marriage, so cinema proposal guide, how to propose marriage in the cinema? Follow Xiaobian to take a look!


Choose a very good movie theater proposal background music


Invite a hostess to the scene


You should consult with the cinema staff before proposing


Be your own protagonist


Cinema proposal strategy: Invite the female protagonist to the scene on the same day the male protagonist accompanied the staff to the xx cinema rehearsal, in the process of rehearsal the staff will be every detail to the male protagonist to make sure that every detail is well mastered. After the rehearsal of the male lead, the male lead to the girlfriend's bestie or old friends invited her to quietly cheat the heroine to the cinema;


Cinema proposal Guide: Before proposing, you need to consult with the movie theater staff because the movie theater is a public place, there must be many public rules here, so you must go to make these rules clear in advance, and if you want to engage in some special ideas here, you must also cooperate with the staff, not to disturb the order here, which is your performance of a gentleman. Here you will add some charm value, so that your girlfriend even more touched.


Cinema proposal strategy: Do your own protagonist cinema proposal focus is to produce only your own micro film, this time, no longer for the story of others and moved to tears, to let others for your story moved to applaud the time. On this point to be prepared early, you can use camera equipment to record your little points, and then arrange into a film broadcast, when the broadcast to the last time, you take a bunch of roses in front of your girlfriend, offer roses, and then use early real name custom diamond ring to kneel down to propose to her, to say to her: in my name, crown your fingers, lifelong companionship, life-long marriage vows.


Movie Theater Proposal Tips: Choose a very good movie theater proposal background music is always in the movie theater, and those screens will show a lot of romantic images. But we say that a proposal without music is not perfect, and you must choose this kind of music when it is very soothing, very romantic, can fully show your love music, there are also things you want to say in this music. With all your recollections, this is a very remarkable detail. Therefore, Xiaobian hopes that you can make a good effort on this, and hope that you can conclude such a romantic proposal in some good atmosphere. And this kind of music will make your proposal more relaxed, let the other person relax, can give her plenty of space and time to consider.

Matters needing attention

With such a detailed proposal cinema planning scheme, you can certainly make the cinema proposal become very romantic, but in this process, there are still some details need to pay attention to, when proposing must be in response, in the cinema proposal will be successful.