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How to quickly remove bad breath, fast and effective to remove bad breath the best method

2018-05-06 00:00:50

Oral problems are the main cause of halitosis, the causes of halitosis are many, mainly can be divided into oral local and systemic two major factors. Scientific studies have shown that the mouth, especially the tongue, is the main source of bad breath, and about 90% of bad breath is caused by oral and lingual factors. How to get rid of bad breath quickly? The best way to remove bad breath quickly and effectively!

Daily knowledge of quick ways to get rid of bad breath

Brush the tongue every day most patients with bad breath, bad breath is mainly from the back of the tongue, the back. The surface of the back of the tongue and its papillary structure can contain a considerable amount of food debris and bacteria, which provides abundant resources for the production of bad breath. Studies have shown that mechanical removal of tongue coating can reduce bad breath by 90%. Therefore, gentle and effective cleaning of the back of the tongue is an important step in the treatment of bad breath. Clean the tongue surface should choose the right tool, preferably use a soft tongue cleaning tool. In particular, it should be noted that the contact surface between the tongue cleaning tool and the back of the tongue should not be too sharp. Brushing the tongue every day can effectively remove the tongue coating and bacteria on the tongue surface, eliminate bad breath and bad breath; Brushing the tongue can quickly restore taste; Brushing the tongue will promote the secretion of fresh saliva, killing anaerobic bacteria on the tongue; In addition, the tongue brush has a massage effect on the tongue nipple, promoting the blood circulation of the tongue body, thereby improving the oral disease resistance. The specific steps are as follows: ① try to put the tongue out of the mouth. Put the tongue brush as far back as possible, and apply a certain pressure to make the tongue brush match the tongue surface. ③ Slowly move the tongue brush from back to front. ④ Wash the residue on the tongue brush with running water. Repeat the above steps until the back of the tongue is clean. ⑥ Wash and dry the tongue brush for next use.


For patients with bad breath who suffer from gingivitis and periodontitis, professional systematic periodontal treatment (such as dental cleaning) can help improve oral hygiene, reduce the number of harmful bacteria and reduce bad breath. Chewing gum, brushing teeth, cleaning teeth and other methods can mechanically remove food debris and bacteria in the mouth, and also have a certain role in reducing bad breath in a short time.


Use mouthwash occasionally Using mouthwash in moderation can also effectively reduce bad breath. However, mouthwash should not be used for a long time, continuous use of more than two weeks, will lead to teeth, tongue blackening, taste disorders, a few cases can also appear dry mouth, burning pain and other symptoms. Compared with relying on chemical synthetic aromatic products and drugs, developing a good oral hygiene habit of brushing your tongue and brushing your teeth every day is obviously a more natural and safer effective measure to eliminate bad breath.

Matters needing attention

In order to avoid excessive brushing of the tongue resulting in injury to the back of the tongue, the action of brushing the tongue should be gentle, and the continuous brushing of the tongue should not exceed 30 times.