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How to raise fish in a bowl

2018-04-06 16:00:40

How to keep fish at home? Many people use fish tanks to raise fish, or use old water tanks to raise fish, or other containers to raise fish, the bowl in our kitchen can also be used to raise fish, Xiaobian is to use a porcelain bowl to raise fish, the picture in this article is taken by yourself, let's see!


China bowl


Fish culture


First of all, we must prepare a large porcelain bowl. Xiaobian uses the porcelain bowl used for soup. The all-white porcelain bowl is very beautiful to raise red goldfish. Choose porcelain bowl requirements to be large and high.


Then pour in the porcelain bowl, add to the time when it is almost full, if there is oxygen at home can also put oxygen in the bowl to oxygenate the goldfish, if there is no oxygen to replace once a day.


Then put the goldfish in a white porcelain bowl, because it is a bowl of goldfish, in the selection of goldfish to choose a relatively small size of the fish to raise. Don't have more than two goldfish.


You can put some decorations in the bowl: stones, small stones, pebbles, etc. You can also put some aquatic green plants, small series is put green plants, very nice!


Use a bowl to feed fish every day, pay attention to, each time can only feed a small amount of food, goldfish can be hungry can not eat too full, otherwise it is easy to die.


Finally, put the porcelain bowl with the fish in a cool and ventilated place at home, do not put the goldfish in the hot sun, if there is a cat at home, do not use the bowl to raise fish, easy to create a tragedy.

Matters needing attention

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