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How to raise Teddy (How to raise Teddy)

2018-03-30 04:48:17

Teddy is very cute, personality is also more clever, loved by many people, then how to raise teddy, the following and you share the way to raise teddy.


Try not to eat seafood, do not eat this kind of dog food, and do not eat salt. This must be noted to prevent the dog from serious hair loss. Also, can not give the dog to eat chicken bones, including fish bones, in order to the dog's intestine is not injured, must not give the dog these foods.


If it is not weaned Teddy, feed the puppy some milk cake, try not to mess with things, easy diarrhea, even the baby drink milk do not feed, do not let the dog drink milk, easy to let Teddy diarrhea, goat milk can drink a little.


Big Teddy, we can feed it some egg yolk or something, but not too much, at most one a day, eating too much is not good for Teddy's health. If the dog is small, eat no more than half of the egg yolk a day. Also note that the eggs must be cooked to avoid Teddy's diarrhea. When you eat meat, make sure it's well cooked.


If Teddy is sick, go to the doctor in time, because this kind of dog is very delicate, easy to get sick, so it must be carefully cared for.


Some puppies because just born not long, generally we will not give it a bath, it is recommended to give the dog a bath after 90 to 100 days, it will be very smelly, but the bath is easy to get sick, and so on.


A month or so of the dog, a day to feed about four times, we have to arrange their own feeding time, and so big, you can not feed so many times, feed twice a day can be.


When the dog is sick or vaccinated to prevent illness, bathe the dog at intervals to prevent teddy from shedding after the bath.


Finally remind everyone must pay attention. You should always put the chocolate in the teddy can not see the place, the dog eating chocolate can be dangerous. Other than Teddy, no other dog should eat it. And you can't eat Onions or grapes.

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