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How to register for personal mailbox

2018-05-03 03:12:52

Personal mailbox registration application method is as follows: tools/materials: Lenovo Rescuer R7000, win10, mailbox PC version 2.01, open the browser to enter 163 mailbox search, enter the official website. 2. Click Register email. 3. Select the email suffix 163 and enter the required email name, password, and password. 4. Qr code verification will appear at this time. 5. Select the method of manually sending the verification code. 6, click on the short message. 7. Click the message in the short message interface. 8, enter the previous page. 9. Click Send. 10. Click the Register button on the page after the SMS is sent. 11. You can see that the page displays a message indicating that the registration of mailbox 163 is successful.