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How to register in 2017?

2018-02-23 06:24:00

How to register?


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Identification card


First, the operation process of industrial and commercial registration: (1) shareholders to the bank for personal identity authentication of digital certificates (applicable banks: ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, CITIC); (2) And then use the digital certificate to land the market supervision bureau website for verification and registration, now the city independent verification, enter the size will show a similar name, if the industry is the same after the automatic reminder, registration can not be done, so it is very convenient to practice. Information required for name verification: name, legal person, shareholder name and ID card, address, registered capital, business scope. (3) After the approval of the name on the website of the market supervision Bureau with a digital certificate login to fill in the information to apply for registration, the required information: the proportion of investment of legal persons and shareholders, the years of funds in place, the years of operation, the division of labor of the general manager, directors and supervisors, the address (can be residential buildings, as long as you can receive a letter from industry and commerce every year to determine the address). Download the PDF after submission, sign with a digital certificate, each box to be signed has the corresponding name and ID, click on each box to save the signature. Just sign the right hand corner and submit your application. (4) If there is no problem, a few working days later, it will be registered. There will be an electronic business license. Need to go to the industrial and Commercial Bureau to obtain a paper version of the multi-certificate business license. If it is not the legal person to go, to fill in the power of attorney, the industrial and commercial Bureau consultation office can receive.


Second, engraved official seal, financial seal, legal person private seal is necessary, start to invoice when to engraved invoice seal. Engraved seals usually take two working days, because it needs to be filed. There will be engraved cards.


Third, the organization code certificate and tax registration certificate have now been three certificates in one, the two certificates have been cancelled, skip to the next step.


Fourth, the basic account to the nearby bank to handle the basic account, each bank's management fees, online banking fees and other charges are not the same, the requirements of each branch are not the same, some need the presence of legal persons, some do not need. Before handling, you can call the bank branch to consult the public account business. Now it is very convenient to register, but the bank account requirements are relatively high: (1) the legal person must be present, and avoid over 50 years old, can clearly say what is done. (2) There is actual proof of office space (lease voucher, water and electricity bill, etc.), many friends do not necessarily rent a space in the early stage, so there are also addresses on the market. After the basic account is completed, the process of registration will be completed. Generally, if it is handed over to an agent, it does not have to work on its own, and the tax aspects can be handled well.

Matters needing attention

If you do not know how to register, can you find a professional agency


If you have difficulty opening an account or bookkeeping, you can find a professional agency