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How to register in the city hospital through the network? Online registration

2018-03-20 17:36:43

Now people's living conditions are better, the prevention and treatment of diseases are also more attention, but many cities do not have the medical conditions of first-tier cities, want to go to first-tier cities like this to check up or see a doctor, but registration has become a big problem, very inconvenient, so online registration has become one of the convenient ways to register, here take the hospital registration as an example.


A computer with Internet access for one day


In the search "city reservation registration unified platform", the first option is, we click to enter.


After entering, we will see the home page of the city reservation registration platform, we click on the top right corner of the login, register an account, enter our basic information, with the account we can smoothly register.


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We take Tongren Hospital for example, enter Tongren Hospital in the search bar, click the magnifying glass icon behind, you can see the search results.


We find the hospital we want to go to, click on the back of the now appointment, you can enter the hospital registration platform.


We can see that there are many departments, select the department we want to see, click to enter.


After entering, we can see the available time and date, as well as the remaining number of appointments. We choose a suitable time and click on the appointment. The doctor we want to choose will appear below.


After that, we will go into some precautions of the hospital, and fill in some information about medical insurance. If not, there is no need to fill in. Once the information has been filled in, our registration is complete.

Matters needing attention

If you want to cancel the appointment, you must cancel the day before the appointment


There is no need to fill in the medical insurance card, just fill in the verification code


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