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How to remove sticker glue on car glass?

2018-05-12 12:48:46

There are many ways to clear the sticker glue on the car glass. Today, Ou can come to popularize science for everyone. The car friends who have trouble in this area come and try it.


Wind essence: The use of wind essence to remove the adhesive on the glass is a kind of more people use, the method is very simple, the wind essence on the glass adhesive, wait for a moment, the adhesive will be softened, then wipe clean with a wet towel.


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Hand cream: Hand cream contains a certain amount of active agents, active agents can quickly penetrate the surface of the sticker and the window, play a wetting, dissolving effect, and then remove the sticker.

Matters needing attention

The above ways are more common and effective, in addition to the above ways, there are many kinds, such as white vinegar, nail polish remover and so on. Riders have what kind of things to use which method can be, the effect is almost the same.